Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object

The bravery of men and women throughout history should be a lesson to us all. They were not more brave because they had more courage than anyone else. They were brave because they had convictions. Beliefs some were willing to to give their lives for. Something also worth living for. They were human and I;m sure those that died did not necessarily want to die, but believed that what they stood for was worth putting their lives on the line would bring attention to their cause.
Even simply saying yes when others say no. The idealism that some had I admire, maybe not for what everyone stood for, but their willingness to give all for it and carry forward their message.
There is another type of bravery that is often overlooked. The courage to get up every day and live our lives the best we know how. It is not always easy to open your eyes and face the world when you feel like crap or your have some sort of guilt. Acknowledging that and moving on making reparations for wrongs committed is HARD, but I applaud all of us who simply do it. Yoda said it best I think, "Try not. Do or do not." One other quote I'd like to insert in here though I do not know who said it, "Behold the little turtle who only makes progress when it sticks it's neck out."
Do I think myself brave? Not always. I know I have been in the past though at the time or rather times for whatever reason I stood up I was usually terrified, but deep inside I knew it was simply the right thing to do and right for my heart. Sometimes hesitatingly, other times boldly running head-on regardless of the consequences.
I've seen friends and family do amazing things simply because it must be done by someone and no one else stood up to do it. Again I applaud you all! I applaud you for waking up, for procreating, for teaching, for not procreating, for being both good and bad examples, for saving lives, for ensuring our freedoms, for being honest, for taking charge, for letting go, for living proudly and openly, for dying bravely, for leaving a legacy, for laughing, for crying, for being yourself no matter what, for admitting your mistakes and making them right, for loving and for being able to let go of love that was not yours. I tip my Guinness hat and I offer you my hand in admiration. For every person willing to be who they are and not hiding behind a false face I congratulate you. Keep up the good work.
If you are blessed enough to know what you mean to others while you are alive, that is amazing. And if you do not know, but wonder, remember this...someone somewhere is carrying on a message you have shared with them on to others and whether or not you know about it that makes them brave too. They are taking a stand based on your example. That should be a sobering thought.
Remember that everywhere, everyday someone is paying attention to you. Will you be brave enough to be who you truly are without equivocation? Will you wear your true face out into the world. Will you take a stand for what you believe in? Will you be the example someone would be wise to follow? I try to be. When I mess up I admit it. Before I even open my my life up to others I tell them who I really am. That is something I am both willing to die for, but mostly I want to live for.
Our convictions are what set us apart from the animal world. shouldn't we be grateful enough for that to be worthy of it?

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